Huberhof in Villanders South Tyrol, a family farm

Experience true hospitality!

In today’s fast paced world, it is good to have a place where it is just easy to live well!
Toni and Maria run the farm with enthusiasm and implement the organic guidelines with firm conviction. Grandpa and Grandma also help diligently and if you choose so, dear guest, maybe, very soon, you will be welcomed to our home too.
Little Hannah and Emely are currently exploring their surroundings and are trying to conquer something new and exciting every day.
What you can enjoy:
  • We love our home, our animals, our way of life and everyone is welcome here!
  • We’d happily show you how we keep the animals, how to grow vegetables and fruits, how we look after our bees and get honey
  • Get to know the farming life at the Huberhof, through sightseeing and participation in work
  • Seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs are provided to you daily. Who can refuse our cherries and berries? You can even roll the flakes for your breakfast muesli from our organic cereals. This really makes the mark!
  • Processed goods can be purchased in our small farm shop
  • In summer, you can spend a day on the farm's own pasture, and enjoy a delicious feast prepared by us
  • Cook and bake South Tyrolean specialties together. This is always a nice experience for children and is incredibly tasty
  • If the adults decide they want to go on their own, we are happy to look after the small (and medium) children and, if you wish, the big ones as well
  • We will do handcrafts together and we’ll play – there is a lot to do! Boredom? We don’t know what that is!
This is how you will feel good:
  • New, healthy and organic housing unit. Allergy-free due to the use of all-natural materials. We have mainly used homegrown swiss pine, larch and spruce, scientifically proven to have a positive impact on health
  • Contemporary comfort blends perfectly with the traditional setting
  • Underfloor heating
  • In addition to the central heating, the farm’s stove provides a particularly cosy, homely and comfortable living in spring, autumn and winter
  • Allergy-free due to the use of all-natural materials
  • Pets are not allowed in the apartments, to ensure all our guests, even those with allergies, enjoy their stay
What you can find here:
  • A nice and comfortable holiday home
  • Warm hospitality
  • Sharing the farm life with us, whilst ensuring your own privacy through separate entrances 
  • Connection with soil and tradition
Sustainable lifestyle:
  • Holistic relationship between human, animal and the environment
  • Work according to strict organic criteria
  • Solar system for hot water
  • Wood heating
  • Partially photovoltaic
What you won’t find here:
  • Lack of time
  • No one at home
  • No room for special requests
  • Purchases on account
A small reminder: enjoy every day of your holiday to which we would like to contribute and:
“Every day is the beginning of life. Every life the beginning of eternity.”
(Rainer Maria Rilke)
Huber-Hof ❀❀❀❀
Gasser Family
Sauders 4
39040 Villandro
Eisack-Vally / SouthTyrol
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