Beloved little farm shop

A refreshment, a pleasure, a piece of South Tyrol

We harvest the crops with care, refine them with diligence and create something delicious.

Find here a small selection of the blessings of nature:
  • Fruit spread, fruit jelly
  • Fruit, flower and herbal syrup
  • Natural cloudy apple juice
  • Pesto, chutneys
  • Herbal salts, herbal sugar
  • Dried fruits
  • Nuts, chestnuts
  • Pure bee honey and beeswax products

Many souvenirs for loved ones at home. It is appropriate at any time and everywhere. It says: “thank you”, it says: “congratulations”, or: “get well soon”.
“Do good to your body, so that the soul is keen to live in it!”
(Teresa von Avila)
Huber-Hof ❀❀❀❀
Gasser Family
Sauders 4
39040 Villandro
Eisack-Vally / SouthTyrol
+39 320 428 21 77
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