A farm creates life!

Holiday on a farm in South Tyrol with a variety of animals

What do cows and rabbits eat and why are rabbits easily scared? How does hay feel and smell?

There are activities and experiences for every age at the Huberhof in Villanders. While children are busy with the animals (both big and small), the parents can learn a lot through a farm visit and conversation with us.
Are we truly aware? Studies prove it: nature contributes to the recovery and stabilisation of life. Animals, plants and being in nature have significant social, mental and educational effects on people.

We value the eggs of happy chickens daily.

Our young cattle are raised with care and will be integrated later into the daily life of our organic farm. This closes the cycle of production of our local quality food.
Many other animals live on the farm that want to be caressed, cared for and observed. For example, guinea pigs, rabbits, quail, goats, cats and, of course, their corresponding babies.
The horse Ariel brings joy to everyone and loves to be pampered.
Our dog Sissi. Anyone who knows her, understands what an uncomplicated playmate she is – her passion is people and her favourite occupation is throwing the stick.
A very proud rooster with his harem will always strut around.

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