Family friendly farm in South Tyrol

Experience wonderful hours outdoors!

Nature is the ideal teacher! Holidays at Huberhof in Villanders make it possible. We always have something going on!
What children on the farm can experience through nature in a playful, dreaming or experimental way cannot be replaced by any class. Perhaps the most important thing is the following: the children (and adults too) experience on a small scale a world that humans cannot make, but only "nurture"; our affection is rewarded with meaning of life and happiness.

On our farm, children can join us in the stable, just like their parents. Help feed the animals, fetch their food and bring their hay. Finally, big and small animals are waiting for pats. There is a lot to do every day.

There is also a playground with many different options that will make children feel good!
„Life wants to live in the midst of life that wants to live.“
(Rudolf Steiner)
Huber-Hof ❀❀❀❀
Gasser Family
Sauders 4
39040 Villandro
Eisack-Vally / SouthTyrol
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