Villanders in South Tyrol

A mountain village with a great past that offers much more than history

Due to its proximity to the most beautiful hiking spots and winter sport resorts in South Tyrol, Villanders is perfectly suited as starting point for numerous activities.
The nearby, picturesque town of Klausen, the episcopal city of Brixen and the small town of Sterzing will leave lasting impressions as they harmoniously blend the medieval flair with today’s economic activity.

Kirchgasse (church alley)

The unique building group of the Kirchgasse (church alley) in Villanders, immortalised on a famous oil painting by the East Tyrolean artist Franz von Defregger, “last contingent of Tyrolean freedom fighters.”


Villanders in South Tyrol is peculiar, as it owns the oldest mine of Europe. The underground tunnels have been made accessible to the numerous international visitors that pay the mine a visit every year.
The municipality of Villanders extends over several altitudinal layers, from the sole of the valley (500m) up to the alpine mountains to an altitude of 2.507 m. Climatically, the east-southern slope offers highly favourable conditions.

There is a diverse array of flora and fauna within the valley. Sweet chestnuts and vines are the harbingers of the Mediterranean flora. Slightly higher these plants are replaced by blooming meadows, fields that slowly rise into shaded coniferous forests. This is the ideal home of spruces and pines. If you climb or drive even higher, you will experience how spruces and pines are replaced by the dominant, dark green and majestic swiss pine, that spreads its scent and charm on the Villanders Alp. The swiss pine can withstand the modest conditions of altitude but will be substituted with increasing height by the mountain pine. The higher you go, the meager but nonetheless more beautiful it becomes, and the observer will experience a paradise at any time of the year.

The small-scale agriculture plays a prominent role in economic terms and offers a well-maintained living and recreation area for people who value the essential and natural in life.

The Villanders Alp

One of the largest high plateaus of Europe.
The Alp is appreciated and loved by connoisseurs.

The Villanders Alp soars over the lower Isarco Valley.

Hiking on the Villanders Alp in South Tyrol is a true nature experience, be it in summer or in winter. For big or small, everyone will feel accepted and the panorama remains unsurpassed for anyone seeking relaxation. The chain of our pale mountains, the World Heritage Dolomites, greet you and seem bright, friendly and by no means oppressive, unique for the lower Isarco Valley.
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