Certified organic farm with animals, fruits and vegetables

In addition to the animals, a wide variety of plants are flourishing at Huberhof! The climate makes it possible

The conditions around the house are ideal for growing a wide diversity of plants.
Our berries are picked by us and eaten fresh – they complete the summer!
For anyone who loves nature, there are many varieties of edible plants to enjoy depending on the season:
  • Various berries, vegetables, fruits
  • Delicious chestnuts in autumn
  • Herbs for your wellbeing

  • Fresh milk and eggs
  • The flakes for a delicious muesli can be rolled by yourself every day. We believe in the value of organic grain and its freshness
  • Of course, the delicious South Tyrolean Speck (bacon) should not be missed. It is produced in-house at Huberhof and slowly matures in our earth cellar

Ask for a fresh herbal tea, for breakfast or for on-the-go, it is the ideal thirst quencher! Whether hot or cold, it is always a gift for you.

We will get what’s missing
  • Butter, cheese, mozzarella and ricotta are produced in our dairy farm
  • We collect meat products from the nearby local butcher

The South Tyrolean quality mark stands for the highest quality (higher than legal standards). We value quality food and only bestow this label on the best local produce!

Farm breakfast: The best start to a successful day on vacation.
Let us pamper you. You are in our holiday home. We can bring a breakfast basket to your door as requested. You will pick it up whenever you desire, or when the scent of fresh bread will make you curious and hungry. We thought of everything! All that is required is notice the day before.
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