Treading water...

...recovers body and mind

Living in harmony with nature at Huberhof!
Be in contact with everything that life is about every day. Where could you succeed better than at a farm? Embrace yourself with mindfulness and enjoy the relaxing break.

Human beings have long used the healing power of plants, herbs and vegetables harnessing their natural, mild, active ingredients to relieve many health problems.

Through a variety of applications, cold water activates self-healing powers and has a preventive character that should not be underestimated.
Especially after a nice, adventurous, warm hiking day, cold water treatments are an effective remedy and provide a sense of pleasant comfort for the whole body.

This allows you to pack health, to take it home to the everyday life and to become a source of strength!
Everything we need to live has been abundantly given to us by nature.
Sebastian Kneipp
Huber-Hof ❀❀❀❀
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